The name "Penates      
The name of our cosy farm "Penates" is derived from the Roman mythology. Penates are the primeval roman domestic gods that protected the homestead. The main purpose of the domestic gods was protecting certain places or persons within the family. The Penates had to take care of the daily provisions: guarding the pantry where all food was stored. Especially at night they had to see to it that nothing was stolen. Every family had its own Penates and worshipped them on a daily basis. Because of the dominant place the Penates had in family life, they became the personification of cosy and domestic life. We value this last property for our own farm and that is why we chose for the name "Penates horse riding holidays

Hidden in the woods around Zbąszyń you will find the Penates holiday farm. All ingredients are present here for a fantastic holiday in a unique atmosphere. The countryside is full of variation; dense forests, open fields, sandy roads, ditches and streams, crystall clear lakes and a few small vilages. This area has been very popular among polish and foreign riders for years.

In summer and winter,for everybody
Non - riders are ofcourse equally welcome to our farm. There are many other activities to enjoy, such as walks through the forest, fishing, canoeing, swimming and horse - and - carriage rides. In autumn, eatable mushrooms can be collected in the forest, in winter you can skate on the lakes and - if there is enough snow - pony skiing. Interesting day trips can be made to for instance the railroad museum in Wolsztyn, the open - air museum in Lednogora or the famous studfarm in Sieraków. Under supervision of our experienced instructors, non - riders can safely experience the joys of horse riding for the first time.

The 19th century farm is modest but comfortable with a large living room, several rooms for 2 to 3 persons, a bathroom with a large bathtub and shower and a spacious kitchen. Camping on the grounds is also possible. The farm has central heating and in addition to that also some authentic tile - stoves. Your own horse is also welcome, it will certainly enjoy the large stables and green pastures. All arrangements are full board. Your hostess Karina will provide you with three typically Polish delicious meals a day.

How to get there
The farm is located near the village of Strzyżewo between Frankfurt a/d Oder and Poznań, about 120 kilometers from the polish border and about 200 kilometers east of Berlin. Penates can be easily reached by car via the A2 (Berlin - Poznań), right turn at Trzciel in the direction of Zbąszyń left turn to Strzyżewo after about 10 km. Poznań has excellent plane, train and bus connections. We will arrange for transfer from Poznań or Zbąszyń,Zbąszynek.

We offer a wide range of arrangements. The basic - arrangement consists of 7 nights and 6 full days with an average of 2.5 hours of riding a day. The Trek - arrangement is one of the most intensive arrangements; you will ride an average of 30 - 40 kms a day, everyday in a different location.

The Wielkoposkis stock
The Wielkopolsky horse is a Polish warmbred horse originated by cross breeding Trakehners, East Prussians, thoroughbreds and Arabian horses. Some Polish breeders also use the ?Silesiena?, another Polish breed, to get more heavy and calm horses that are better equipped for riding carriages.
The average size of the horse is about 160 ? 170 cm. It has a well proportioned and muscular body which is medium to heavy weight.
Because of their tremendous stamina they are very well fit for long rides in the country. Also their performance in jumping, dressage and carriages is excellent. It is a calm and brave horse with many sides.

The style of riding at Penates
We ride our horses on the farm in English style. Mainly the dressage full seats are used.For galloping on our magnificent and long sandy roads the canter half seat position is used as much as possible.
The horses are well trained and nice to ride, out in the open as well as in the paddock. In spite of their size they are very comfortable in riding even if this lasts for hours. Even the western riders favour the nice and relaxed way these horses can be ridden.Apart from daily trips in the field and tracking tours Penates also offers you dressage lessons (even for the inexperienced riders).

During the tracking tour one night is spent on the breed and jumping stables of our good friends Andrew and Jola. Accompanied by these experienced trainers you may book a jumping lesson in the evening after the day trip to see for yourself all aspects of the Wielkopolsky horse!



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